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TLS Service Offerings

TLS offers a range of truckload services including:
  • Coverage
    • U.S.A
    • Canada
    • Mexico
  • Equipment
    • 53' Air Ride
    • Roller Beds
    • Temperature Controlled
    • Flat Beds
    • Drop Decks
  • Services
    • Unscheduled and Scheduled Exclusive Use Truckloads
    • TSA Approved Drivers
    • Hazardous Materials
    • High Value / High Risk
    • Projects
    • Consolidations / Deconsolidations
    • Distributions
    • Airline Logistics Program
    • Warehousing

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Please contact your Truckload Services office today for more about the services offered under our truckload product.

  • Central/Midwest/Northeast/
    Southeast/ Mexico and Canada: 800.736.7765 (Available 24/7)
  • West: 800.388.3867
  • Southwest: 866.489.6489

Time-Definite Truckload Services...
Providing Expedited Service AND Reliability

Forward Air Truckload Services (TLS)  is the “full truckload” division of Forward Air Corporation a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ. TLS provides a blend of Forward Air and Expedited Carrier capacity trained within the rigors and high service demands of the air cargo industry. TLS has thrived in this “unforgiving” environment of time definite service, receiving an increasing amount of business from airlines, domestic/international forwarders, integrators, and linehaul providers who require time-definite truckload services to properly support their customers.

Backed with Forward Air power and a fleet of over 750 teams/solos and 800+ expedited carrier partners, TLS can handle capacity on-demand & expedited shipments throughout the entire U.S., Canada, and Mexico. TLS offers a diversified portfolio of transportation services that includes long haul, regional and local truckload capacity, and offers a wide assortment of trailer types including air ride logistics trailers, roller bed, roller-reefer, flat bed, and temperature controlled.

Significant investments in technology (Qualcomm, Trailer Satellite tracking, Active Load Monitoring) and quality control staff that monitor truck progress has allowed TLS to continuously track the status of its trucks and provide an even greater level of precision to its customers...

Forward Air Truckload Xpedited is the right fit for your full truckload needs and has the following qualifications to bring you peace of mind:

  • Experienced leader in air cargo industry with IATA membership
  • Award Winning Service Provider for multiple linehaul networks
  • Maintain 98-99% on-time service performancee
  • Offers 24/7 airline operations & customer support at central location (NVOCC)
  • Handles thousands of expedited truckloads a week
  • Trailer and Service Flexibility supported by 85 stations located in major markets
  • Fully bonded
  • Safety Leader
  • EDI capabilities
  • IATA member
  • STA/TSA compliant
  • Proven HSHV procedures
  • Creates logistics solutions specific to customer’s needs

Need a Quote?
For fast and easy quotes, booking & tracking information, call our truckload professionals designated for your area:

  • Central/Midwest/Northeast/Southeast/ Mexico and Canada: 800.736.7765 (Available 24/7)
  • West: 800.388.3867
  • Southwest: 866.489.6489