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TLS Service Offerings

TLS offers a range of truckload services including:
  • Coverage
    • U.S.A
    • Canada
    • Mexico
  • Equipment
    • 53' Air Ride
    • Roller Beds
    • Temperature Controlled
    • Flat Beds
    • Drop Decks
  • Services
    • Unscheduled and Scheduled Exclusive Use Truckloads
    • TSA Approved Drivers
    • Hazardous Materials
    • High Value / High Risk
    • Projects
    • Consolidations / Deconsolidations
    • Distributions
    • Airline Logistics Program
    • Warehousing

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Please contact your Truckload Xpedited office today for more about the services offered under our truckload product.

  • Central/Midwest/Northeast/
    Southeast/ Mexico and Canada: 800.736.7765 (Available 24/7)
  • West: 800.388.3867
  • Southwest: 866.489.6489

TLS TECH- “Fully Loaded”

Through investments in the latest technology and equipment, we are able to provide you with the best transportation management tools in the industry. Merging processes such as satellite tracking & communication, document imaging, online visibility techniques and a website designed for fast, easy and secure information sharing, allows TLS to operate as one very efficient and cohesive system. From booking to final delivery, TLS technology is fully loaded with solutions, giving you the assurance of access to the information you need to keep your business moving, including:

  • Complete in-house EDI development capabilities
  • On Line FAST-track for shipment status and changes, via email and/or text
  • Qualcomm tractors; trailers with satellite tracking & communication integration
  • Dedicated professionals to assist from call centers in each region
  • “State of the art” tracking & monitoring systems
  • 24-hour support in our Columbus, OH location
  • And more...

Exceptional Visibility

Our job is to keep you informed of your shipment's progress. We know that you need real-time tracking and that your customers depend on you to know where their freight is every step of the way, so we’re committed to tracking every truckload shipment through from start to finish. Enhancements in communication, monitoring, tracing, and satellite mapping have enabled us to connect your business to our in-house technology resources - permitting online visibility of your truckload at any time. Experience the ease of service and lessen the load on your mind by knowing the location and/or status of your freight is only a click away. By linking technology, business processes and operations, through TLS visibility, you gain:

  • On-line access to transit status of every load
  • Upon request, automated load status alerts through email and/or texts
  • Direct electronic links with customers through EDI program
  • Truck movement and communication through Qualcomm
  • Retrieve PODs online
  • Full history and status of all truckload shipments
  • And more...

TLS EDI Capabilities

Efficiency in your operation means eliminating redundancies. With TLS’s EDI interface, any shipment information you input into your system instantly books into ours – with no paperwork preparation or concern that the data has been entered incorrectly. EDI communication increases the speed and accuracy of your information on every shipment exchange – share business documents such as load tenders, freight bills and shipment status data. Let TLS EDI help you streamline your business by:

  • Offering customized programs
  • Increasing speed and accuracy of your information
  • Creating efficiency and eliminating redundancy
  • Providing regular status updates at every scan point
  • Receiving weekly electronic invoices via email
  • Passing tracking information directly your customers
  • Transferring shipments applied in your system automatically to ours

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